If you’re a pool owner, chances are you want to keep your swimming pool as clean as possible all season, or year, long. That way you, your family, and your friends can all enjoy your pool without having to worry about any adverse health effects. Here at Comfort Solutions, the top-rated swimming pool company in Western Montana, we can build, maintain, and clean pools of all shapes and sizes. However, if you want to try cleaning your swimming pool on your own, here are a few pool cleaning tips you can use to help keep your pool happy and healthy.

Skim/Scrub Daily

Things like leaves, bugs, and debris can look unsightly in every pool. However, these objects can cause a lot of damage to your pool if left unchecked. Organic material can help algae move into your pool while also staining the sides of your pool, which could lead to larger foundational problems down the road. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of organic material and debris in your pool is to skim and scrub it daily. Use a pool skimmer to remove any materials in your pool that don’t belong. Then, using a scrubber, get rid of any bacteria or unseen objects on the bottom and sides of your pool. This will help keep your pool clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Clean The Filter

Your pool’s filter operates similar to kidneys in humans or animals — removing harmful toxins and impurities. For your pool, this means dirt, leaves/pine needles, bugs, and even any small pool toys that are unfortunate enough to get sucked up. One of the best ways to keep your pool clean is to make sure your pool filter is able to do its job properly. We recommend at least checking your pool filter once a week to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated. This helps make sure that your pool is as clean and safe as possible.

Keep An Eye On Things

When it comes to your pool, there are several things you need to keep track of every single day. One of the most important things to stay on top of is the chemical levels in your pool. You’ll need to add certain chemicals to your pool in order to make sure it’s usable and safe for everyone. Before you use your pool, preferably in the morning, make sure to check the chemicals in your pool. Another important thing you’ll want to check every day is the water level in your pool. In order to use your pool and have fun, you’ll need water in it. Also, if you have a leak in your pool, that could mean major foundational damage to your property if you don’t fix the problem.

When you need professional pool cleaning services in Western Montana, then be sure to come to Comfort Solutions. We can help with all kinds of swimming pool solutions for your property. Learn more about our pool services, get to know our pool company, or contact Comfort Solutions to schedule your inspection today!