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Hot tubs, or spas, are more than just giant indoor & outdoor bathtubs they can be used for lounging with a drink or with your loved ones…

Hot tubs and spas also can be great for your health

Adding some hydrotherapy to your life can improve circulation and help with relaxation and stress relief. Some spas are even fitted for stationary swimming and are considered exercise hot tubs or swim spas.

Selecting a hot tub for your home

Whether for relaxation, entertaining, exercise, family or couples time, a hot tub can be a lot of fun. But as with any big-ticket purchase, choosing the right spa for your needs means sorting through many options and upgrades. Let us help you build the indoor or outdoor hot tub spa of your dreams…


Comfort Solutions provides complete residential and commercial hot tub sales and services. From leak detection and repair to winterization and spring openings, we do it all! With customer service as our top priority, you can expect prompt, exceptional services at affordable prices.

  • We are a proud dealer of American made Clearwater Spas.

Service & Repair

Is your hot tub leaking? Did the jets stop working? No matter what is wrong with your hot tub, Comfort Solutions has the experience and tools to quickly diagnose and repair the problem. We strive to find the most cost-effective solution for your problem. Perhaps your filtration system needs cleaning? We offer all types of maintenance services.

Parts & Supplies

We have everything you need for your hot tub at Comfort Solutions. Our parts and supplies include covers, filters, sanitizers, clarifiers, test strips, controls, ozonators, plumbing components and much more.

Chemical Usage

We have natural hot tub treatment programs as well as standard sanitizers to keep your water clean and safe with proper chemical maintenance. Chemicals also protect your spa equipment and components so you can get the most out of your hot tub. Whether you need one time service or weekly maintenance, our experts are ready to assist you.

How To Winterize Your Spa

Your spa is designed for year-round use in all climates. Ensure maximum energy efficiency in your spa any time of the year with these steps.

Look for wear and tear: Check that your cover is at peak performance level by looking for signs of wear and tear.

Check the seal: Make sure the seal is still tight and intact so heat doesn't escape.

See if you need a replacement: If you see signs of sagging, fading or cracking, we recommend getting a replacement cover for your spa. Comfort Solutions Inc. can have any style cover made for your hot tub

 Remove snow and ice: Regularly brush snow off of your spa cover and splash warm water on ice rather than prying it off.

Stay maintained for vacation: If you plan to leave for few days during the winter months, keep your spa maintained with these tips:

Adjust pH: Before you go, adjust the pH according to the Owner's Manual.

Sanitize: Sanitize the water as usual.

Lock cover: Lock down the cover to prevent access.

Lock light and jets: Lock the light and jets feature on the control panel (on 1998 models).

When you return: Upon your return, balance the pH and sanitize the water prior to using.

Keep your spa water clean from algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities by maintaining a safe amount of sanitizer.  With too much sanitizer in your spa water, your lungs, skin and eyes may become irritated. 

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