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How Does Poor Humidity Control Affect My Comfort?

The EPA estimates that the most comfortable humidity range for indoor spaces is between 30–55%.

Levels of humidity above or below this will cause discomfort. Why is the right humidity level important? When humidity is too high, it makes everything feel sticky. This is because humidity holds heat. During the winter, you need humidity to help keep your indoors feeling warm, but during the summer, you want to feel cool and dry. Instead, excess humidity, combined with air conditioning will make you feel cool and clammy.

The opposite is true during the winter months: without enough humidity in the air, your heat won’t feel warm. At best, it will be fleeting, and may push you to increase the temperature on your thermostat, which will cost you more money.


Is your home excessively dry? Then you’ll want to consider the installation of a whole home dehumidifier. Lack of needed moisture can damage your home’s wood products, including furniture and flooring. Let our experts help keep your indoor air balanced with our expert humidifier services!


Excess humidity can lead to issues with mold and mildew development, increased allergic reactions and agitation for those with chronic lung disorders like asthma. Let us help you remove any excess moisture with a whole home dehumidifier.

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