Furnace filter being changed

Many people who experience a need for heating repair or heating installation services are dealing with the most common residential furnace issues. There are many common reasons that your furnace might not be running as well as it should be. At Comfort Solutions Inc. in Victor, we can help you diagnose and repair your furnace!

Clogged filter in a home furnace being changed

Clogged Filters

Clogged filters can lead to all kinds of issues with the efficiency and performance of your residential furnace. These items need to be changed at least twice a year but might need to be changed more often in places that have a lot of dust in the air or experience harsh summer conditions.

Old furnace in the basement of a home

Wear and Tear

For those who use their furnace year-round, there can be issues with wear and tear that require replacement parts or even a replacement furnace. As your furnace ages, it will also need more attention for wear-and-tear-related damage.

Close up of controls on a home furnace

Pilot Light or Ignition Problems

When the pilot light or the ignition in your furnace is not working right, you might not be able to use your furnace at all. The pilot light is essential to your furnace being able to turn on and run so you can heat your home or your business.

Man performing maintenance on a home furnace

Improper Maintenance

If you have neglected the annual maintenance of your furnace, or you have had a bad experience with a former maintenance company that did not take proper care of your furnace, this can lead to issues that might cause a breakdown or reduced performance of the furnace.

Close up of a thermostat

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat problems can cause a lot of havoc in your overall heating system. It’s important to have your thermostat looked at any time your heater is not delivering consistent heat, is running all the time, or when there are cold rooms in your home that should not be chilly.

Furnace Care is Important

Taking care of your furnace annually is important to the longevity of your furnace and heating system. You will find that there is no exchange for being sure that your furnace is working correctly before it fails you when you need it most. Call us at Comfort Solutions Inc to have us come and check on your furnace each year.