Geothermal heating services in Western Montana

Geothermal systems circulate fluid through the earth and through a coil that absorbs or dissipates heat depending on the season.

Simply put, a geothermal system doesn’t heat or cool your home by burning fossil fuels or using electricity in the ways you’re used to. Instead, it uses electricity to access the near-constant temperatures found deep in the earth. Geothermal works on a very simple principle: no matter what the air temperature is outside, under the surface of the earth, the temperature remains constant. Which means that during the summer, the earth is cooler than the outside air, and during the winter, the earth is warmer than the outside air.

How It Works

A geothermal system works like a heat pump, only on a much larger scale. In cold weather, your home is warmed by heat brought in from the earth. During warm weather, your home is cooled by the movement of heat from your home back into the earth. There are four types of geothermal configurations available: Open Loop, Pond Loop, Horizontal Loop and Vertical Loop. Your Trane dealer will help determine which installation works best for your needs.

  • Open Loop – Uses existing groundwater as a heat transfer medium.
  • Pond Loop – Uses the water in a nearby lake or pond to absorb or gather heat.
  • Horizontal Loop – When plenty of space is available, the heat transfer tubes are not as deep, and extend out rather than down.
  • Vertical Loop – When space is limited, the heat transfer tubes are sunk straight down into the earth.

Why Geothermal Makes Sense

The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. Why is this important? You may not realize it, but well over 50 percent of your home energy bill goes towards heating and cooling. Which just goes to show that a geothermal system gives you a significant opportunity for savings. In fact, a typical geothermal system operates with such efficiency that it can return up to four dollars of heat for every dollar spent on electricity. Geothermal systems can also be configured to reduce your need for energy to heat the water you use for bathing, laundry and washing dishes. Because it uses the constant temperature of the earth, geothermal is a sustainable, renewable energy source that not only won’t run out, it remains efficient year after year in every kind of weather.

The Benefits of a Geothermal System

  • Efficiency – Returning up to four dollars of heat for every one dollar of electricity used.
  • Environmental friendliness – Using renewable heat from deep inside the earth, a virtually limitless supply of energy.
  • Comfort – Providing consistent, even temperatures every day of the year.
  • Reliability – Built with quality materials and true craftsmanship, and backed with robust warranties.
  • Flexibility – Four different configurations allow

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