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At Comfort Solutions Inc. in Victor, we can take care of all of your heating repair and heating installation service needs. We know how to help you find out if your heater is energy efficient, and we can make sure that you get access to the best repair services and heaters for your efficiency needs.

Woman adjusting the heat in her home

Heating Functionality

Your heater needs to be reliable and energy efficient. If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow or cold weather each year, a poorly performing heater could cost you hundreds of dollars a year. For those who live in an area where electricity costs are high, an energy-efficient heater can be a huge help.

image of a residential furnace

Heater Running All the Time

If your heater is running all the time throughout the day, this is not going to be good for your electricity bill and probably means that your heater is not very energy efficient. You might also have thermostat issues that are impacting the performance of your heater. If you have too small of a heating unit, this could be an issue as well.

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Some Rooms Are Still Cold

While the layout of your home could have an impact on this, you should be able to heat your entire house with ease. If you have cold rooms in your home, then your heater is not performing well and is not going to be as energy-efficient as it should be. If your central rooms are the rooms that are cold, you should be concerned that your heater is costing you money that it should not be.

Man listening for how noisy his home furnace is

Noises That Were Not There Before

Even if you have not yet noticed an increase in your electrical bill or cold rooms in your home, if you hear noises that your heater did not make before, it is time to have a professional look into this. Noises can indicate that there are major issues with the function of your heater that need to be attended to.

Having an energy-efficient heating system on your side can help you save money on your electrical bills and can also make your home warmer and cozier. At Comfort Solutions, we take pride in finding the right balance of repair and replacement services to keep your heating systems efficient and effective.