AC services and plumbing repair in Southwestern Montana

When you work with Comfort Solutions, you can expect honest, quality, & integrity.

Comfort Solutions Inc. is a locally owned & operated business located just outside Hamilton, MT – serving Western Montana since 2001.

We specialize is professional work at a fair price… Available 24-7 we are happy to handle all of your Residential and Commercial HVAC and Plumbing needs.

When your HVAC or Plumbing system is not working properly, the simplest tasks can become an inconvenience. And when your heating and cooling system is not performing as you’d like, everyone in the home or office is a lot less comfortable. The technicians and plumbers at Comfort Solutions Inc. are experienced in all aspects of plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. We also install and service all forms of Water Heaters, Boilers, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Hot Tubs, Pools, Gas Fireplaces & Stoves, Gas Furnaces, and Air Conditioning systems.

When you want the convenience and services of a trained professional for your home or commercial property in the Southwest, Montana greater area, trust in our team for your solution to get everything running smoothly, while doing a professional job and treating you fair.

You may be handy, and you may have a basement well–stocked with basic tools, but that does not make you a professional Plumbing contractor. There is a lot at risk when you attempt to repair or service your plumbing on your own. It is possible to suffer bodily harm, or to damage your system further. You may void warranties, or cause other problems in your attempts. When you need Plumbing services of any sort, from installations and replacements to routine maintenance and unexpected repairs, know that you can always count on our team of experts at Comfort Solutions Inc. to get the job done right and make sure you are safe and comfortable.

Comfort Solutions Inc. provides the best professional plumbing and HVAC services in the Western Montana area and surrounding areas. Please feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment and enjoy the convenience of having a company you can trust to do it right.